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Election Day is November 6th!

Polls are open in New York City from 6am until 9pm.

Who's on My Ballot?

Read NYC Ballot Proposals Here

Campaign Finance
This proposal would lower the amount that a candidate for city office may accept from a contributor to their campaign, increase the amount of public funds available to participating candidates, and make public funds available earlier. Candidates in the 2021 election would have the choice of whether or not to have the new limits apply to them.

Civic Engagement Commission
This proposal would create a Civic Engagement Commission that would centralize civic engagement initiatives, create a citywide participatory budgeting program, assist community boards, and provide language interpreters throughout the city on Election Day

Community Boards
This proposal would change how community boards throughout the city are run, by imposing term limits on appointees, changing the application and appointment process for community board members, and require the Civic Engagement Commission (if Question 2 is approved) to provide resources to community boards.

"Now that Queens is IDC-Free , we must work for a real Democratic Majority in the NYS Senate.  For too long, the will of the people has been ignored.  Now we work to ensure that the Democratic Majority in New York will be represented in Albany."

To find volunteer opportunities for all the candidates were supporting, please start here:  https://makenytrueblue.org/hub/

The Queens Huddle is a proud member of the True Blue NY Grassroots Coalition.