"The vote is precious.  It is the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democratic society, and we must use it."  - Rep. John Lewis


New York City Enacts Online Voter Registration Law

New York Senate Democrats 2018 Voting Reform Agenda

Election Security is a High Priority Until It's Time to Pay for the Machines

Doug Jones Beats Roy More in Alabama Special Election

Percentage of the vote each candidate took in the 2017 U.S. Senate special election in Alabama by county. Data used to create map is from Politico. 2017 United States Senate special election in Alabama results map by county.svg

Doug Jones Popular Vote: 673,896 50%

Roy Moore Popular Vote:   651,972     48.3%

NYS Senate Democrats 2017 Voting Reform Agenda

The Queens Huddle supports the passage of the following bills by the New York State Legislature:

  • Voter Empowerment Act of New York (A2278/S3304): This bill would modernize New York registration by:  (1) Automating registration for consenting eligible voters at designated agencies; (2) Transferring the registration of voters who who move between counties; (3) Pre-registering 16 and 17 year-olds so they can vote at age at 18; (4)Permitting registration or party enrollment changes up to the constitutional minimum of ten days before an election; (5) Providing an online voter registration option and improving online/phone services so voters can easily verify and correct their registration; (6) Improving privacy and security of voters' personal information; (7) Protecting voters who claim to have registered at a designated agency if a registration omission occurs on Election Day (via an affidavit); and, (8) Requiring college and public schools  to provide registration forms to students.

  • No Excuse Absentee Voting (A7623/S840):  If enacted, this bill would provide all New York voters with the convenience of vote-by-mail or early in-person voting options.  States that have enacted early voting and no excuse absentee voting have experienced sustained increases in turnout.

  •  Early Voting (A02064/S2950):  This bill would amend the Election Law to provide all eligible New Yorkers who are registered to vote with seven days to vote early in any general, primary, or special election starting the eighth day before Election Day.  This legislation requires  that counties must have at least one early voting site for every 50,000 registered voters.  Currently, 37 states offer some form of Early Voting.  Early voting improves voter access and reduces the time spent in line voting on Election Day.

Governor Como Announces 30-Day Budget Amendments to Fund Early Voting

"Voting is the Cornerstone of Our Democracy, and no one should have to choose between exercising their sacred right to vote and going to work, school or personal commitments." - Governor Cuomo February 12, 2018.

  • Electronic Poll Books (A05547/S2788):  This Bill paves the way streamlining our voting process on Election Day by updating language in  the law to allow the use of electronic voter lists.  Currently, 27 states use Electronic Poll Books in all or part of their state.  The use of Electronic Poll Books can result in faster check-in time at the polling place.

The IVOTE NYC Coalition seeks to give municipal voting rights to New Yorkers that are Legal Permanent Residents.  The Queens Huddle is proud to be a member of this coalition.  #LocalElectionsMatter

Carmela Gaines of the Queens Huddle is now the Lead Organizer of the IVOTE NYC Coalition.  Please contact her at QueensHuddle@Outlook.com for more information or to join our coalition.

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